Saturday, January 8, 2011

Start of School 2011

Well our second semester is off and running! I am excited to being a new semester and look forward to see what will come. The students (and parents) were very excited to start again which made it much easier to go back. We have had half a week so far and are getting used to a new schedule. Our class schedule changed this semester so after a lot of reminders the students are beginning to understand it now. They now have Spanish class five days a week (instead of four) and go in the mornings (instead of afternoons) so they were a little confused but we are getting it. We also switched the days they have P.E. so I was asked everyday this week if they needed to wear their P.E. uniforms the next day; oh the joys of first and second grade! We had a new teacher join our team this semester to teach preK and kindergarten. This was an answer to prayer for us so we are very thankful. We are still praying for teachers for the next school year too so please continue to pray for us in that. We are also in the process of bringing on another Honduran teacher to help cover some of the Spanish classes. With all the changes it almost feels like a whole new school year but it is all very exciting!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Time at the Ranch

During our Christmas break this year we had many things going on around the ranch. We wanted to keep the kids busy during the long break and the adults enjoyed some great fellowship time too. Some of things were bonfires, craft time, game night, library time and hiking. It was a great time here at the ranch but we are all ready for school to start up again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The months of September and October are big holiday months here in Honduras. Here are just a few of the holidays:
Sep. 1st- Flag Day
Sep. 10th- Day of the Child
Sep. 15th- Independence Day
Sep. 17th- Day of the Teacher
Oct. 3rd- Morazan Day
Oct. 12th- Colombus Day
Oct. 21st- Armed Forces Day
With all of these holidays it is a very patriotic time around here. It also means there are a lot of special programs at school and in the city. At school we had a party for day of the child, a program for independence day and a demonstration for flag day. It was a great time and a wonderful cultural experience for all involved.